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Post  Nightly-Howler on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:20 pm

Thanks for joining this Chat Site for WQ members! In order to keep this a family-friendly and pleasant place, we ask all members to follow these guidelines in the forums, chats, and PM's. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please ask a moderator before posting.

What is allowed:
•Posting appropriate comments in relevant forums
•Posting opinions in a nice and respectful manner
•Posting new topics in relevant forums with an appropriate title
•Reporting inappropriate posts, chats, or messages
•Editing or deleting your own posts

What is not allowed:
•Posts that include or attempt to include disrespectful/vulgar language, abusive behavior, pornographic materials, or posts unrelated to the topic
•Roleplaying in the forums (Unless it is on the RP chat)
•References to religion, politics, blanket, violence, suicide, or other inappropriate or illegal behavior
•Plagiarism/art theft
•Backseat moderating (non-moderators responding to posts as if they were moderators)
•Posts created for attention/pity, complaining about why your topic has been locked/trashed, or talking about being suicidal or depressed
•Posting links or images of yourself or other members
•Attempting to avoid a warning or ban by creating a new account

Posts/topics may be moved, edited, or deleted by moderators or administrators if they are inappropriate or belong in another thread. Moderators and administrators, not users, determine what is considered to be inappropriate, vulgar, or SPAM. Users not following these guidelines may receive a warning, lose privileges, or be banned from the site.

If, after reading these guidelines, you have a problem with a user (including moderators), or do not understand why your topic/post was locked or deleted, you are welcome to contact a moderator or administrator in a respectful manner.

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