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Here, you can discuss all things Halo.
Though, if you don't know what it is, here is some information about it.

|The Halo series is a "Rated: M" game created by Bungie and Mircosoft. Halo: Combat Evolved [the first] takes place on Installation 04, one of the Halo rings. The Halo rings are super weapons that can wipe out anything within a three radii diameter. Halo 2 and 3 take place on another Halo ring, and the 2nd came has a Delta Halo as well. You play as the main protagonist, The Master Chief, full name being Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. In the 2nd Halo to to 3rd you also play as the Arbiter, an elite chosen by the prophets of the Covenant [will be explained later]. Soon, the elites turn against the Covenant and join the UNSC, the human forces. In Halo 3: ODST, you play as a marine looking for his squad. In Halo: Reach, you play as Nobel Six, a spartan. Now, through all the games, you fight against the Covenant forces, an alien race who's desire is to destroy the humans and activate the Halo rings. The Covenant make up of 6 classes, Grunts, Drones, Jackels, Elites [before they joined the UNSC], Brutes [they come in in the 2nd Halo], and Prophets. The three Prophets, Truth, Mercy, and Regret, want to activate the Halo rings, thinking it would give them godly powers and make them gods, though they don't know it was basically wipe out all life. Mercy dies from a zombie race called the Flood in the second Halo. Regret is killed by the Master Chief in the second Halo. In the third Halo, Truth is killed by the Arbiter after he activated the Halo rings and the countdown began. Master Chief and the Arbiter stopped the countdown though. Somethings that were left out were the Flood. They were introduced in the first Halo, and they make up 3 classes. Leeches, who infect living and the dead, Carriers, who carry the leeches, and Warriors, who are the most deadly. Also left out was The Oracle, Captain Keys, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson, and Amanda Keys. The Oracle was the guardian of the Halo Rings. He was killed in the 3rd Halo after turning against UNSC. Captain Keys was the first Captain of the Pillar of Autumn, and he was killed and infected by the Flood. Cortana is a virtual girl who contained knowledge of several things, and was guarded by the Master Chief. Sergeant Johnson was one who accompanied the Master Chief through the main games, he died because the oracle had shot him with a laser. Amanda Keys was the daughter of Captain Keys, and succeeded her father, she was killed by Truth.|

Here are the rules for the topic.
1) No cussing D<
2) Be mature.
3) Have fun.


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