Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

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Author's Note
I want to be an author someday, and here's my book in the making. It's currently unfinished, but I will try to keep posting as much parts as possible. And keep in mind I have to work on it, too. So you probably won't get parts everyday.
Hopefully, you'll see it in the book store sometime, though!~
Oh, and this book does NOT have chapters, btw. X3 It's going to be a chapter book, but will not have any chapters. I started typing this about four days ago.

And also keep in mind that...
Sometimes, it will be long. And some parts are unrealistic, but I asked Nightly if unrealistic stories were allowed, and Nightly said any types of writing were allowed if they followed the guidelines.
Shandi: She-wolf of Sorrow Forest (Book One)

Part One

"Wait!" Shandi shouted.

She-wolf of Sorrow Forest

Sydni E. Phillips

*Book One*
“Wait!” Shandi shouted. Shandi’s tiny pack was fleeing with from the massive, raging, forest fire.
But one-year old Shandi was being left behind. Her chocolaty brown eyes were losing sight of her family. Her caramel fur was growing filthy from the smoke.
The smoke and flames were washing away every trace of her pack—especially the scent.

“Wait up!” Shandi called. Shandi halted to scan the singing area around her.
She couldn’t see anyone.
“Ahh!” She cried when she saw a tree loosening and then tipping over. Swiftly, she moved out of the way before the tree came crashing down moments later.

Now in panic, the Shandi ran in random directions. Then, Shandi scented something relieving. Fresh air. She paused. The fresh air was just up ahead. Fresh air meant escape. Exhausted, but unwilling to give up, she headed that direction and soon the smell of smoke became weak. There were only tiny embers and the weak trace of smoke.

Shandi sighed. Shandi was very happy and relieved that she had escaped, but noticed that she had completely separated from her pack.
Crushed, Shandi sat down on a pile of ashes.
“I can’t believe they left me.” Shandi thought. “Will they notice that I’m gone? I’m going to howl. Maybe they’ll hear me.”

So with that, Shandi lifted up her head and released a such gorgeous howl that could envy any she-wolf.
She heard faint howls replying, but they were coming from where the forest fire was raging on.
“That’s not my pack.” Shandi said aloud to herself. “They’re long gone now.”
Shandi emitted a howl—but this one was shorter. There were no replies, unless you count the soft, small howl coming from ahead.
Shandi didn’t think the one who conceived that howl was important, but she decided to go to that wolf anyway.
It didn’t take her long to reach the wolf. But it turned out, it wasn’t just a wolf—it was a wolf pup! The wolf pup was a light gray with two pools of gold for its eyes.

The pup was behind a rock. She had appeared as if she were hiding. She looked confused and scared.
Shandi looked at the pack.
“Hi there.” She said softly, trying to seem gentle so she wouldn’t scare the poor thing off.
The pup flinched Shandi spoke to her.
“Erm…hello.” The pup said shyly, her ears going flat.
Shandi nudged the pup, causing the pup to tremble with fear.
“Don’t worry; I will not hurt you. Tell me, why are you here all alone?” Shandi questioned in the most soothing voice she could manage.
“My momma, daddy, and three siblings and I going for a little walk, when we noticed the trees up ahead were all fiery and smoky, but we attempted to go through it. But sadly, two of my siblings became trapped under a tree and one of them died instantly. My other sibling burned to death. My parents said they’d be right back with help, but they never returned.” The pup replied, whining. “But I escaped on my own and I came to this rock.”
Shandi nuzzled the pup.
“Awww, you must be so afraid.”
“I am.”
“What’s your name, little pup?”

The pup looked into Shandi’s eyes and peeped out, “Ayame.”
Shandi grinned. “My name is Shandi. It’s nice to meet you.”
And suddenly, Ayame attached to one of Shandi’s front legs.
“S-Shandi! I’m so scared! C-can you please take care of me?” She yipped.

Shandi licked the pup’s head.
She didn’t know too much about raising pups, but if she didn’t take Ayame in, who would?

“Of course I will take care of you.” Shandi said, feeling something trickle down her snout. “Hm? What’s this? Oh, it’s lightly sprinkling. It should stop a few minutes.”
“What are doing you out here all alone?”
Shandi remembered.
“I was separated from my pack while we fled from the fire. But I’m not alone anymore, I’m with you. Come with me, pup—let’s go somewhere safer. Pups should not be in this environment. The forest fire isn’t spreading this way, thankfully. And why don’t we get something to eat, too?”
“I am very hungry.”
“Then let’s go.”

So with this, the two began walking away. Ayame couldn’t help but to ask questions and talk to her new friend and caretaker. Shandi happily answered the questions she asked and chat with her.
She and Ayame stopped at a river. Hizomi River.
Hizomi River was the most gorgeous and longest river in Sorrow Forest. It was surrounded by towering pine trees and maple trees. But the looks were quite deceiving—once you stepped into the lukewarm water, it seemed like the currents sped up and they soon would wash you away. Nearly everything that goes into the water is never seen again.

“This is Hizomi River, Ayame.” Shandi explained.
“Wow! It’s so pretty!” Ayame exclaimed.
“It is pretty, but I warn you—do not go swimming into the river.”
Ayame grunted. “Why not?”
“You may never be seen again.” Shandi said. That’s all that Shandi wanted to say, because she didn’t want to scare the pup.
“Okay, fine…”
Shandi nudged the pup.
“But you can drink water from it; just try not to fall in and be very careful.”
Ayame nodded and walked over to the river and sipped water from it.
Shandi’s mouth was as dry as lint, so she lapped up some water, too. After the drink, Ayame reminded Shandi of something.

“I’m still hungry.” Ayame said, poking Shandi with her nose.
“Same with—hey look over there!” Shandi looked over at a large cave ten feet away. “You stay there, Ayame. I’ll go get us some food.”
Ayame whined. “I want to go with you!”
Shandi growled a little.
“Fine. You may come along.”

Ayame wagged her tail and Shandi began following the scent of a lone wild boar.
Shandi wasn’t an expert at hunting, but she wasn’t bad at it either.
“Remember Ayame; when hunting, try to stay low and be as stealthy as you can be.”

Ayame saw the wild boar a few feet ahead. It was an adult wild boar. Hunting it down could be more challenging than Shandi thought.
“Ayame, stay here. This’ll take a moment.”
Ayame paused in her tracks and watched Shandi. Shandi crouched and emitted a small growl.

“You’re mine…” She whispered to herself.

And then, Shandi lunged at the wild boar. A series of snarls followed.
She tackled it and the boar grunted and growled. Shandi let go of the boar and she could clearly see the boar was enraged now. And she was just now noticing how huge the boar was. The boar charged and Shandi dodged before attaching to the boar’s rear. The boar yipped in agony. Shandi could feel blood coming out of her kill. The boar slowly began to weaken as Shandi’s dagger-like fangs sank into it.
And at last, Shandi finished the boar off with a major blow to the throat.
Shandi gazed over at Ayame. Shandi’s mouth was stained with velvet.
Ayame went over to Shandi and sat down, waiting for Shandi to eat.

Shandi began to devour the boar when Ayame made it to her side.
Peeling flesh, ripping skin, noshing on organs. Ayame sat and watched anxiously. She was too young to actually eat from a carcass. She needed regurgitated meat still.
Shandi nearly cleaned out the entire carcass.
Ayame yelped with joy when Shandi began to gag.

Feeding time!

A long, slender and chunky piece of meat dropped out of Shandi’s mouth.
Then another. Then another.
Ayame quickly pigged it down. Afterwards, Shandi and Ayame exchanged looks for a few moments, before breaking into a laugh together.
“Hahaha! That was awkward.” Shandi giggled.
“Teehee! Let’s go home, now.” Ayame said.
“Yes, let’s do that.”

The pair quickly trotted to the cave they had seen. The cave was quiet and cozy. It almost insulated them from the rest of the world.
A warm, spring, nightfall was on its way.
It was dusk at the moment, and Shandi and Ayame couldn’t help but watch the sun sink.
When the sky finally became black, Ayame fell asleep quickly. But the same thing didn’t happen to Shandi. She was restless for some reason.

“Maybe it’s because I’m missing my pack…maybe I’m worried about them…or maybe I know they’re worried about me…” Shandi thought. She left the cave, careful not to wake Shandi. She rolled onto her back and looked up at the night sky. It was dotted with stars. And what made it even better was a soothing howl coming from not to far away.
It was hard to resist not to answer. She sat up and released a howl just as beautiful as the one she one. There was a reply. Shandi answered, until the wolf stopped responding. She chuckled and headed back into the cave, only to find Ayame’s ajar.

“Who was that?” Ayame asked weakly.
“Shhh…” Shandi said. “Hush and go to sleep.”
Ayame obeyed and drifted back into a slumber.
“Really…who was that wolf?” Shandi asked herself when she lied back down in the cave.
She shut her eyes only to wake up moments later.

Shandi looked around. It was daytime. She stood up, stretched, before nudging Ayame.
“Ayame…” She whispered into her tiny ears. “Wake up.”
Ayame’s eyes weakly opened and she yawned.
“Erm…” She peeped. “…good morning, Shandi.” She weakly stood up and stretched.
“Good morning, Ayame.” Shandi responded.
“What do you want to do today, Shandi?” Ayame asked.
“What do you want to do?”
Ayame was about to speak, when Shandi heard loud sniffling outside the cave.
“Wait, Ayame. You stay here. I’ll be right back.”

Shandi exited the cave. She looked around and sniffed the air. She immediately recognized the scent. A bear. It was very, very, close by. Bears were notorious for snatching wolf pups, for them to never be seen again.

Shandi released a warning snarl and barked loudly. Her fur stood erect.

The bear finally showed itself. It was only five feet away from Shandi. Shandi snarled loudly and tried to intimidate the bear.
“Um…Shandi?” Ayame chirped.
“Not now, Ayame! Back into the cave!” Shandi barked. She turned back to the bear.
The bear detonated a roar.

“Leave now!” Shandi commanded.
The bear chuckled.
“It’s hard you’d expect me to leave without putting up a fight.” He laughed. “Just gimme’ the pup and I’ll be on my way.”
“Why do you want her?!” Shandi demanded.
“I’m famished, you see. But that’s alright—I can always take you instead.” The bear charged. Shandi scurried into the cave and scooped up Ayame. She managed to escape out of the cave in the nick of time. Shandi could hear the bear racing after her.

“I have to get the bear off course!” Shandi thought.
Shandi began sprinting down a slope. Unfortunately, the slope was a bit steep, and Shandi found herself stumbling. She realized the bear had stopped chasing them, so she started walking down the slope. She set Ayame down.
“Stay close to me.” Shandi warned.
Ayame nodded and trotted very close to her side.
“Who was that?” Ayame asked.
“A bear.” Shandi replied.
“What did he want?” Ayame said.
“You. He wanted you.”
Ayame flinched, but started laughing.
“Me? Why me?”
Shandi growled. “It’s no laughing matter, Ayame. There are many creatures in this forest that’d like to eat you.”

Ayame quit laughing and nodded.
When they made it down the slope, Shandi looked back down at Ayame.
“What would you like to do today?” She questioned the pup.
“Can we go swimming in the Juniper Lakes?” Ayame said.
Shandi smiled. The Juniper Lakes were two beautiful pools of water that provided water and awesome places to swim. The water was also very delicious. They weren’t as dangerous as the Hizomi River. They were located not too far from where Shandi and Ayame were at.
“Of course.” Shandi replied.
“Yay!” Ayame yipped.
The two slowly made their way to the lakes.
It didn’t take them long to get there—only thirty minutes. As soon as they arrived, Ayame headed straight for the water. Shandi quickly yanked Ayame back.

“Whoa, whoa, pup!” She said.
“I want to swim!” Ayame whined.
“You can go into the water, but please stay where it is shallow. In fact, to be safe, I will be in the water with you—watching you.”
Ayame sighed. “Fine.”
So Shandi and Ayame waded in the water, playing.
Shandi and Ayame spotted several fish popping out of the water, and Ayame often tried to run off and try to catch a fish, but Shandi halted her and told her to come back before her paws couldn’t touch the ground.

After about half an hour of playing in the water, Shandi and Ayame went back to shore and rested.
“That was so fun, Shandi!” Ayame cheered.
“It was quite fun.” Ayame said, playfully knocking Shandi over.
“The lakes are a cool place to swim, eh?” A voice of a male wolf said.
Shandi looked to her left to spot a pure white wolf with eyes as bright as the sun.
Shandi chuckled when she saw the wolf. He seemed harmless, but Shandi made Ayame stay near her anyway.
“Oh, hello.” Shandi said in a firm voice.
“Hi.” He sat down in front of Shandi, smiling.
“What do you want?” Shandi asked.
“I’ve came here a lot in my life. I haven’t met many friendly creatures in my visits.” He stated.
“Erm…okay…” Shandi looked at the ground.
The wolf looked behind her to spot Ayame.

“Who’s your pup?” He questioned.
Shandi jumped and looked at him.
“She’s not actually my pup. I didn’t give birth to her. I found her and I’m taking care of her now. Besides, she’s more like my little sister. Sorta.”
The wolf chuckled.
“Sweet. She’s adorable.” The wolf poked Ayame with his nose.
Ayame shivered, not knowing what to think of the wolf.
“Where do you two she-wolves stay?” The wolf questioned.
“We don’t really have a place to live. We lived in this cave for almost a day but a bear tried to attack us so we left that place. We haven’t a place to settle.” Shandi explained. The wolf leered at her.

“Shandi, I’m really hungry.” Ayame peeped.
Shandi looked down at Ayame, and then the wolf again.
“I’m sorry, but I must go. I have a hungry pup.”
Shandi scooped up Ayame and then started to trot away. The wolf trailed behind her. Now feeling scared, Shandi broke into a run, Ayame dangling from her mouth.
Shandi ran until she was certain that the wolf was no longer following her. In fact, she sprinted for a good hour. She had to stop and rest in a cave.
She set Ayame down and collapsed.

Ayame nudged her and curled up next to her.
“Who was that?” She asked.
“I don’t know, but he was weird, don’t you think?” Shandi said with a smirk.
Ayame giggled.
“He was creepy!”
The two started to laugh.
Shandi panted. “I’m exhausted.”
“What if that wolf comes back?” Ayame questioned. “And what if you’re still exhausted?”
“I don’t know. But let’s hope he doesn’t return.”
Ayame nodded.
Shandi stood up. Ayame did the same.
“Now, Ayame. You go all the way back to the back of the cave and stay put. I will go hunting, alright?”
Ayame trotted to the back of the cave. “Okay!”
Shandi grinned, but Ayame couldn’t see it because it was a bit dark in the cave.
But she exited the cave and began her search for food. She sniffed the ground. There were plenty of new scents.
Shandi was mostly interested in a tiny herd of wild boar.
She figured there were some piglets in the group. Maybe a piglet or two would be nice. So she darted off in search of the herd.
They were about half a mile away. She hoped it wasn’t too far, because she didn’t want to be gone long. When she reached the herd, they immediately started scrambling and trying to flee. And Shandi was right—there were piglets in the herd. Nine, to be exact.
Shandi snarled and in one charge, Shandi had a runty piglet in her mouth. The piglet screamed and called for help, but Shandi sank her fangs into it.

The screaming stopped and the mother became enraged and charged, grunting loudly. Shandi scooted away and quickly grabbed the piglet she killed, and fled.

When she returned to the cave, Ayame was still there, but she was shivering.
Shandi walked over to Ayame and dropped the piglet in front of her.
“What’s wrong, Ayame?” She asked.
“I saw that weirdo wolf walk by the cave.” Ayame replied. “It was a few moments before you returned.”
“He didn’t come into the cave, did he?”
“No, but I heard him mumbling things and speaking to himself.”
Shandi licked Ayame.

“Don’t worry, Ayame. I won’t let him hurt you.”
Shandi sat down and began to chow down on the piglet.
Afterwards, she coughed up food for Ayame.
It was the early afternoon now.

Shandi was still worn out. Ayame became hungry again and wouldn’t stop tugging on Shandi’s ears, asking for food. When Shandi snapped at the pup, she immediately felt guilty and as a result of this, she coughed up a small chunk of meat. Ayame quickly pigged it down, and a few minutes later, she wanted more food.

“Shandi, I’m so hungry! Please…” Ayame pleaded, nudging Shandi.
Shandi finally stood up.
“Okay, Ayame…! I’ll go hunt real quick. You stay here and be careful.” Shandi didn’t mind pups, but their rampaging appetites were annoying.
Shandi sprinted out the den without another word.
She gazed up at the sky. The clouds were a deep black. It was going to storm soon. But Shandi thought that a quick hunt would be fine.

She put her nose to the ground and absorbed different scents of nearby prey.
There choices were: a small herd of deer and an armadillo.
Shandi couldn’t go after the deer, because deer were a bit challenging to catch if you were hunting solo. Armadillos, on the other hand, weren’t too challenging. However, that shell on their back did make it a bit difficult.

But she decided to go after the armadillo anyway. She began to track it, her nose at the ground.
She was led to a clearing. An Armadillo was just going into the bushes up ahead.
Shandi charged. The armadillo vanished in the bushes in seconds once it heard Shandi. Shandi growled with frustrated and began to destroy the bush. She heard the armadillo squealing.
The she-wolf finally tore off enough of the bush to find a burrow.

She snarled and tried sticking her head inside it. Finally, she began to demolish it. She heard the armadillo squeaking with fear.
Shandi finally exposed the armadillo. It turned around and looked at her, its pupils large.
It quickly curled into a ball.

This was always the hard part. But this time, Shandi had a new tactic. She rolled the armadillo over on its back and exposed it once more.
Brutally, she began to kill it. Her mighty fangs ripped it open in just a few bites. Velvet stained everything that was near.
Even though the armadillo didn’t contain too much to feast on, Shandi ate what it had anyway.
Afterwards, Shandi began to head back to Ayame. As she journeyed back, it began to pour down. Rain plummeted from the clouds, hitting everything below.
Shandi became drenched in rainwater. In fact, it was raining so hard, that it flooded up to Shandi’s knees.

This made Shandi worried. Ayame was getting bigger by the days, but wasn’t too tall yet. Shandi was afraid Ayame would drown before she returned, so she began to panic and start to hurry and rush.
Booming thunder clapped, and blinding lightning lit up the sky.
Shandi could see the cave not too far away. But one thing halted her: up ahead, it was nearly an ocean.
The she-wolf gasped as she desperately tried to reach the cave. The dirt was churned to thick mud, which made every step a challenge. The raging winds were reluctant to let Shandi proceed.
After all the harsh conditions, Shandi finally arrived at the cave. She sighed with relief and shook her herself to get a little dry (but of course, the rain quickly soaked her again.)

She stepped into the cave. The cave floor was slippery and flooded. This wasn’t good. This was terrible.
She looked around.

The cave was vacant. Ayame had vanished.
“No!” Shandi screamed out loud. “Ayame…!”
Maybe she had been carried off by a wave, or maybe she had drowned, and her limp body was easily taken away…

Shandi grunted before screaming loudly.
She left the cave and sprinted into the oncoming night.
She howled Ayame’s name and searched desperately for her. Her scent was scattered everywhere due to the massive rainfall.

But then, a familiar voice said, “Come with me!”
Shandi looked to see that same wolf that had saw at the Juniper Lakes.
Shandi gasped. “What are you doing here? Did you follow us or something?”
“Just come!” He said. His yellow eyes were like two lanterns. “I rescued your pup. Now come!”
Shandi nodded and followed the wolf.
“Where are we going?” She questioned.
“We’re going to my home!” The wolf replied.
Shandi followed the wolf for the worst two hours of her life.
He led her to a cave placed on very flat land with lots of foliage.

“Let’s go inside. Your pup is in there.” He said.
The two entered his cave. The cave was hardly wet; which surprised Shandi because since the cave was on flat land, she suspected it to be flooded easily.
Shandi spotted Ayame in the back of the cave, curled in a ball.
Shandi jogged over to Ayame and nuzzled her.
“Oh, Ayame. I was so worried about you.” She sighed. “I was so afraid…”
Ayame licked Shandi.
“I was really scared…the cave started to get all watery, but the wolf came and took me here.” Ayame explained. “I’m so happy you’re okay, Shandi!”
Ayame whined with joy.
Shandi turned to the wolf and sparked a little grin.

She approached him.
“Thank you.” She said. “I really appreciate it.”
“No problem. Saaaay, what’s your name?” He asked.
“My name is Shandi. My pup is Ayame.”
“Cool names. My name is Edon.”

Shandi smiled and scooped up Ayame and began to head out the cave. The wolf halted her.

“Don’t leave now.” He said.
“Why not?” Shandi responded.
“It’s pretty ugly out there. Wait until the rain ceases.” He explained.
Shandi set Ayame down and nodded.
“In fact, why don’t you two stay here till tomorrow?”
“I guess.”

Shandi looked down at Ayame.
“You hungry?” She asked.
Ayame shook her head. “Edon fed me.”
Edon smiled.
“Okay…” Shandi mumbled. She sat down in the back of the cave. Edon sat in front of her.
“I can tell that something happened to you when that forest fire happened. Same with Ayame.” Edon said.
“Yeah. I was separated from my pack. Ayame lost her family.” Shandi explained.

“That’s tough. I’ve been a loner for a while now, so I didn’t really lose anything.” Came an answer.
Shandi saw Ayame lie down and start to fall asleep.
“Shandi,” Edon began. “tomorrow, why don’t I teach Ayame to hunt? You can watch.”
“I guess that sounds nice.” Shandi gazed into his two lanterns, while he looked into her chocolate eyes.
Shandi yawned. “I’m a little sleepy.”
And right after the words came out of her mouth, the white wolf licked her. Shandi gasped and didn’t feel so sleepy anymore.

Edon looked a little embarrassed, but Shandi returned a lick eagerly. Edon nuzzled her and Shandi nuzzled back. They both lied down, giving each other mounds of affection and love.

Shandi suddenly stopped to look at Edon.
She felt the same embarrassment Edon felt when he licked Shandi.
“What’s wrong?” Edon asked.
“I…I love you.” Shandi said. Edon nudged her.
“That’s nothing to be ashamed of, because I feel that way, too.”
Shandi nuzzled him and licked him.
“Are you still tired?” Edon said.
Shandi nodded.
“Let’s get some rest. Your pup is already resting.” Shandi said.

They both nodded and rolled onto their sides to sleep.

When Shandi awoke, she looked around to see that everyone had vanished. She also noticed the storm had subsided.
She heard two familiar voices nearby. She left the cave and saw Edon with an eagle clutched in his mouth.
When he spotted Shandi in the background, he set the eagle down and said, “It landed right not too far from here while I taught Ayame about hunting.”

Shandi chuckled. Edon passed the eagle over to Shandi.
“Enjoy.” He turned back to Ayame and began educating her again.
Shandi slowly ate it, because she wanted to keep an eye on what they were doing. After sluggishly eating the eagle, Shandi viewed Edon training Ayame. Ayame seemed to be enjoying it, so Shandi was happy for her.

The training went on a few more minutes, but then they stopped.
Shandi regurgitated a treat for her, and said,
“I’m going on a foray.”
“You’re going hunting? Now?”
“Yeah. I’ll see you two later.”
Shandi began to walk away, but Edon stopped her.
“Hold on.” He said. He looked up at the sky. The sky was barely harboring any clouds.
“I can sense it.” He whispered. “I can feel it.”
Shandi whirled around. “What is it?”
“Another storm is coming again.” Edon explained. “But this storm feels like it’ll result in something awful.”

Shandi crowed with laughter.
“Are you serious? Not a cloud in the sky.”
Edon growled a little. “I think the storm is going to happen around nightfall. In fact, why don’t I come hunting with you? Let’s bring Ayame so she can learn.”

“Okay then, let’s go.” Shandi trotted away. Edon and Ayame trailed behind her. Shandi put her nose to the ground and sniffed the dirt. Many choices.
“There’s some deer not too far from here. Let’s go after them.” Shandi said.

So they began to track them down. They were about a mile and a half away. It wasn’t too bad.

The three finally found the deer drinking at a river. None of them knew that one of them would be amputated from their life.
Shandi, Edon and Ayame huddled in tall grass.
“Ayame, stay here and watch, but be careful.” Edon whispered.
Ayame nodded.
“We’ll be right back.” Shandi licked Ayame.
Edon and Shandi slipped out of the bushes and emitted a howl.

The deer flinched and scrambled into the river.
Edon and Shandi targeted an injured young buck.
“Eeeee!” Shandi yipped when the icy water touched her. “It’s cold!”
“This water is frigid, but it’s no reason to abandon the hunt!” Edon replied. They swiftly swam to the opposite side of the river.
Shandi turned around. She saw that Ayame wasn’t in the tall grass; instead, she was on the other side of the river, trying to observe the hunt as much as she could.
“Stop daydreaming! C’mon!” Edon barked.

Shandi jumped and they tore after their target. When the hurt buck came into sight, this is when Shandi and Edon launched themselves at it.
They riddled it with fangs and the buck quickly weakened. He moaned and grunted with pain.
He collapsed from all the painful blows he had taken.
“Thank you, wolves. Thank you for keeping the food chain in shape.” He said with a hushed tone before slipping away.

Shandi and Edon swapped smiles before feasting on their kill. Afterwards, they headed back to the river. They crossed it to see a smiling, excited Ayame waiting for them.
“I hope you learned a little something from that.” Shandi said.

And out of Shandi’s mouth came a long, packed and greasy ball of meat.
Ayame pigged it down as fast as lightning.
“Mmmm...” Her tongue wiped the blood from her mouth.

Shandi scooped up a bone and began heading back to the cave. Everyone else followed.

It was just about noon now.
“No storm.” Shandi said.
“Not yet.” Edon snapped. Shandi could tell Edon didn’t like being wrong.
Shandi chuckled and rolled her eyes.
Edon broke into a laugh and licked her before tackling her playfully. Shandi released a playful growl and began to wrestle him. She nipped at him in various places.
Ayame soon joined in and began to help Shandi take down Edon.

“No fair!” Edon croaked. Ayame pounced onto his belly and Edon coughed out an “Ermph!”
Shandi stopped wrestling Edon and watched Ayame attack him. She mauled on his ears, squeaking joyfully.

“Ow! Ow! Shandi, help me!” Edon pleaded.
Shandi giggled and removed Ayame from Edon’s ears.
“Are your ears okay?” Shandi questioned.
“Yeah, despite the fact that a pup tried to take them off!”

There was a long silence, but it was shattered by laughter.
But the laughter subsided in moments, and there was another silence. But this silence was broken by panting.
“I’m parched.” Shandi stated.
“Same here.” Ayame chirped.
Edon nodded. “I know where a pond is. It’s not very far.”
Edon trotted away and the she-wolf and the pup trailed behind him.

When they accessed the pond, they greedily lapped up water.
While Ayame gulped up water, she noticed something on a lily pad. She halted herself and stared at it.

A green frog.

Ayame licked her lips and stared blankly at it.
And then, she pounced, only the see the frog fleeing right before she hit the water.
“Ayame!” Shandi screamed. She looked into the water and a few seconds later, Ayame’s head popped up.
“You crazy pup.” Shandi laughed.
Ayame wanted to laugh, but was too busy trying to stay afloat.
When she made it to the shore, she shook to get dry.
At that moment, Shandi remembered something. She looked at Edon, who was sitting down staring into the pond, as if he were in some trance.
“Edon,” Shandi said.
“Yes?” He looked at her, waiting for an answer.
“I think Ayame and I should get going now. We’ve stayed here long enough. Thanks for giving us a place to stay for a tiny bit.”
Edon stood up.

“Oh, right…” He sighed. “I’ll see you guys later…or some other time…or whenever…I have to go solve some business later on, anyway…”
Shandi grinned and called Ayame over and they trotted away. This time, Edon couldn’t follow. Shandi took one more look back. Edon’s ears had fallen, and his tail was between his legs, and he was heading back to his cave.

Shandi turned around and she and Ayame continued skipping back to their cave.

When they returned, Ayame tried to engage Shandi in a play fight. Shandi joined Ayame and romped around with her.

Later that day, Shandi discovered something: Edon was right. She and Ayame were in their cave, waiting until the storm ceased. But there was something odd about this storm. It sounded more like something solid was hitting the ground.

Shandi focused on an eagle flying in the distance. It flew, trying to find shelter, but then it grew limp and plummeted to the ground.
Shandi nudged Ayame, but she was unresponsive. She was asleep.

The she-wolf grunted and went outside; only to have something hit her backside.
“Ow!” She yipped. She whirled around to see a ball of ice that was the size of Ayame’s head (which wasn’t very small.)
Shandi felt another thing hit her backside. She yipped.
“Ouch!” Another ball of ice.
She scanned the ground. There were hundreds of ice balls around her. She gasped.

“I have to go solve some business later on, anyway…”

She remembered those words coming out of Edon’s mouth.
She stared blankly into the distance and peeped out a plain, “Edon."

See? What'd I tell ya? I told you it'd be long!

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Re: Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

Post  Hestia on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:02 pm

Its good! I can't wait for more Yellow~~

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

Post  Yellowie100 on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:05 pm

Hestia wrote:Its good! I can't wait for more Yellow~~

You read the WHOLE thing that fast? Wow. O.O

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Re: Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

Post  Hestia on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:09 pm

Yesh, I am a very fast reader. On average I can read 500+ page book in a day plus another small book. Hestia wants to be a writer too when she is older~~ Razz

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

Post  Yellowie100 on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:11 pm

Hestia wrote:Yesh, I am a very fast reader. On average I can read 500+ page book in a day plus another small book. Hestia wants to be a writer too when she is older~~ Razz

Same with me. I'm a pretty fast reader too. ^_^ And a fast typer. I can type fifteen pages in less than thirty minutes.
And you dun have to wait to be a writer/author. Start now.

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Re: Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

Post  Hestia on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:13 pm

I ma, I got two books on wattpad right now that I am working on~~ again can't wait to see more

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Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One] Empty Re: Shandi : She-Wolf of Sorrow Forest [Part One]

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